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Muay Thai

Children & Teen's Muay Thai

Our children and teen kickboxing program is geared for children & teens up to 16 years of age.   They learn Kickboxing and Muay Thai boxing skills. Increased fitness, coordination , better mental concentration and self confidence are just some of the benefits  you will see from the program. We teach self discipline in a nurturing fun


Women's Only Muay Thai

Our women's programming is developed and taught by experienced female instructors.  Classes are an hour in length.  They include a warm up, Kickboxing and Boxing techniques  as well as  conditioning drills that will increase confidence and  fitness. 

Plan to sweat and have fun!

Adult Muay Thai

Our adult Kickboxing classes are co-ed.  We have typically an equal representation of men and women in classes. 

We teach Kickboxing and Muay Thai boxing techniques, as well as conditioning drills during each 90 minute class.  

Expect fun, high energy work outs that will get you moving!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Children & Teen's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our children and teen BJJ program is geared to children and teens up to 16 years of age.  They learn a variety of self defence techniques. 

Our focus is skill development, confidence building and anti-bullying.

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting.  Our classes are co-ed.  Ares is a proud affiliate  of  Body Of Four under the  tutilage of third degree black belt Professor Marco Costa.  

Classes consist of warm-up, skill development drills and  "rolling" sessions that allow students to work on what they have learned during class in a dynamic, controlled environment.

Classes are gi and no-gi style grappling.

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Boot Camp

We offer a fun and innovative conditioning class for members that include but are not limited to; circuit training, plyometrics, TRX suspension training, kettle-bell, battling rope and bosu ball training.

Every class is designed to be different and help increase cardiovascular and muscular fitness.  Plan to sweat!

Strength Class

Our strength training program incorporates a challenging conditioning class that includes a warm up and whole body strength  training.

Every class is designed to be unique and help increase cardiovascular and muscular fitness in a fun welcoming environment. 

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Ares Fit Programs

Fighter Fit

Fighter Fit is an 8 week nutritional and fitness program geared to mimic a peaking program any combative athlete prior to competition would undergo.

Don’t let the name intimidate as many successful program participants come to lose weight, gain muscle and improvements in cardiovascular and strength.  All participants that have completed the program since 2015 have seen their goals of getting in shape and looking great as a result! The program has twice a day fitness programming, Monday to Friday with an optional Sunday yoga class.  Weekly nutritional guidance, weigh ins and meetings all help the participants stay on track and achieve their goals.

Lean Fit

Lean Fit is an 8 week nutritional and fitness program geared to help people get in overall better shape.  This program is for those interested in getting in shape but may not be able to commit to the Fighter Fit program requirements and do not necessarily want to participate in the martial arts facet. Lean Fit participants can expect daily fitness programming Monday to Friday with an optional yoga class on Sundays. Weekly nutritional guidance, weigh ins and meetings all help the participants stay on track and achieve their goals.


"I had reached a weight of just slightly over 200 lbs. Basically I was fat and out of shape! So I joined Robert Dixon at Ares Kickboxing for his Fighter Fit program. Today I finished the program; 27.5 lbs lighter, 4 inches lost around my waist and a much better fighter!I am now the same weight at 43 as I was at 23!" -Matt

" 'This 8 week full body transformation was exhilarating, exhausting and exciting. It was a love hate relationship that pushed us to our limits each and every day. The results were more then expected and well worth the "fight". Thanks Rob looking forward to doing it again in the near future." - Rob and Jodey

"This program follows what a fighter goes through to prepare for a fight. I'm finally seeing changes in my body and managed to lose inches and 15 lbs... I still have a long way to go but I'm off to a good start. I'm also now one tiny step ahead of being a better fighter :)
.... Despite major stiffness in my hip and knees not letting me do all that I needed to do. Robert Dixon never stopped encouraging me and never gave up on me and for that I'm truly grateful. Thanks to all those at Ares that supported me along the way and made me feel welcomed."-Carmen

"The last two months haven't been easy; they've been filled with long days, early mornings, and a consistently sore body. And I wouldn't change a thing. A huge thank you to Rob Deleo for continuously pushing me to do my best during this Fighter Fit, as well as Robert Dixon and Jennifer Brown for being the most amazing coaches. You two kick my ass on a daily basis and I am forever grateful for your dedication and love of what we do. Train hard, fight easy!" -Latasha

"Well another successful fighter fit in the bag. With 8 weeks of hard work, proper nutrition and discipline I was able to burn 15 lbs and get into the best shape of life. And also I have become instantly hooked on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and cannot wait to continue to improve my skills and one day compete! Thanks again Robert Dixon and my team at ARES Kickboxing!" -Rob

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