Children & Teen's Muay Thai

Our children and teen kickboxing program is geared for children & teens up to 16 years of age.   They learn Kickboxing and Muay Thai boxing skills. Increased fitness, coordination , better mental concentration and self confidence are just some of the benefits  you will see from the program. We teach self discipline in a nurturing fun



Women's Only Muay Thai

Our women's programming is developed and taught by experienced female instructors.  Classes are an hour in length.  They include a warm up, Kickboxing and Boxing techniques  as well as  conditioning drills that will increase confidence and  fitness. 

Plan to sweat and have fun!

Adult Muay Thai

Our adult Kickboxing classes are co-ed.  We have typically an equal representation of men and women in classes. 

We teach Kickboxing and Muay Thai boxing techniques, as well as conditioning drills during each 90 minute class.  

Expect fun, high energy work outs that will get you moving!

Ares Training Center






745 Clarence Street,

Second Floor

North Bay, Ont. P1B 3V9
Tel: 705-472-2543

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